Refugee Health and Project Profiles

The range of health projects and services that are being rolled out in New Zealand with our refugee communities continues to grow. Examples are below. In addition, a few key international projects are listed.

If you have a refugee health related service or project that you would like to add to the site please fill in the form and either submit it online or return it to the address below. Please use a new form for each service or project.

If you would like the form emailed to you or if you have any questions please email

Please return forms to:

Refugee Health Promotion Practitioner
Auckland Regional Public Health Service (ARPHS)
Private Bag 92605, Symonds St Auckland
Fax: 09 623 4633

Access to Services
Organisation Programme
Health and Disability Commissioner The Code of Rights
Linkage About Linkage Auckland Regional Migrant Services Trust (ARMS)
 Auckland CALD Service  CALD Cultural Competency Course and Resources
 Red Cross Refugee Services  New Arrivals Project
 Pegasus Health - Christchurch  Pegasus Health - Services for those with a refugee background
 Auckland Refugee Health Network  Auckland Refugee Health Network
Mental Health
Organisation Programme
Refugee Trauma Recovery - Wellington Refugee Trauma Recovery
Refugees as Survivors - Auckland Auckland RAS
Health Promotion
Organisation Programme
New Zealand AIDS Foundation (NZAF)
NZAF - African Communities
Exposure FGM
ARPHS Healthy Eating Healthy Living for African Communities
Procare Health Limited Muslim Women's Swimming Programme
Injury Prevention
Organisation Programme
Communities Living Injury Free (Auckland City) Injury Prevention Advisor Community Development and Safety
Organisation Programme
Centre for Migrant and Refugee Research
Health Screening
Organisation Programme

Waikato DHB Population Health Service
Hamilton Public Health Unit

Refugee Health Screening (Asylum and family reunification)
Refugee Health Screening Service Refugee Health Screening (Quota refugees)
ARPHS Transition Nurse Programme Transition Nurse Programme
Australian Projects
State Programme
New South Wales Multicultural Health Communications Service
New South Wales The Transcultural Mental Health Centre
New South Wales Let’s Talk Mental Health
Victoria Victorian Foundation for the Survivors of Torture Inc
Other International Projects
Country Programme
USA Ethnomed
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