Health Services for Refugees and Asylum Seekers

All publicly provided health services are available to people from refugee backgrounds. There are some specific services which are outlined by region. To view contact details of health services for refugees and asylum seekers in your region click on the map below:


Refugee Health Screening Service at Mangere Refugee Reception Centre For Quota Refugees and Refugee Status Seekers (Asylum Seekers)

Mangere Refugee Reception Centre
251 Massey Road, Mangere
Phone: (09) 276 6719

Refugee Status seekers (Asylum Seekers) – by appointment only. The Auckland Regional Public Health Service Refugee Health Screening Service at Mangere Refugee Reception is the national refugee health screening centre in New Zealand.

ADHB Interpreting Service

Phone: (09) 630 9943

Provides a 24-hour health interpreting service to Auckland District Health Board and also provides for external services during normal business hours.

Auckland Refugees as Survivors Centre (Auckland RAS)

Phone: (09)270 0870

The Auckland Refugees as Survivors Centre provides a counselling service for the treatment and rehabilitation of survivors of torture and trauma.

RASNZ Auckland Regional Refugee Mobile Team

Provides quality community mental health services to diverse former refugee communities throughout the greater Auckland region. A multidisciplinary specialist unit provides mental health services in assessment, intervention, counselling, social work, body therapies and a range of culturally responsive clinical therapies for trauma, family, and resettlement issues

Community Child Health and Disability Service (Central Auckland)

The Community Child Health & Disability Service has child development, disability, and health promotion services for pre-school and school age children and their families. The service provides medical officers, public health nurses, social workers, community health workers (including refugee community health workers), social workers in schools, nutritionists, speech and language therapists, physiotherapists, occupational therapists and visiting therapists and paediatric disability support services are provided. This service has an open referral system.

The service has a Refugee Community Health Worker Team who provides assistance to families from refugee backgrounds in the Auckland region.

Contact details:

Community Child Health and Disability Service
Refugee Health Community worker team and services
Level 7 Cornwall Complex, Greenlane
Phone: (09) 639 0215 or (09) 639 0200

Mental Health Services for Refugees

Central Auckland

St Lukes Community Mental Health Centre provides a consultant psychiatrist for clients from refugee backgrounds.

Contact details:

St Lukes Community Mental Health Centre
615 New North Rd
St Lukes
Phone: (09) 8450940

The service provides psychiatric assessment, diagnosis and treatment for clients from refugee backgrounds in the area served by the St Lukes Community Mental Health Centre only.

West Auckland

Community Mental Health Service, West
Waitakere Hospital
Mental Health services for refugees
Mental Health Clinician
Phone: (09) 822 8501
Crisis Line: (09) 822 8600/8500

A Mental Health Clinician works with clients from refugee backgrounds who are referred to the Henderson Community Mental Health Centre through GPs or crisis team. Support and consultancy is provided to Waitemata Mental Health services regarding refugee mental health issues.


Refugee Co-ordinator/Clinical Support Coordinator (Population Health Service)

Phone: (07) 838 2569
Fax: (07) 838 2382

Mental Health and Addiction Service

Rachel Cotter (Refugee Mental Health Liason Nurse)
Phone: (07) 838 2569 or 0800 50 50 50 
Email: or

Health Promoter (Refugee, Pacific and Migrant)

Phone: (07) 838 2569

Fairfield Medical Centre (includes screening services)

Phone: (07) 855 2079

Hamilton East Medical Centre (includes screening services)

Phone: (07) 839 1232

Palmerston North

Midcentral Health District Health Board

Public Health Service
Midcentral Health
Rata House
Private Bag 11036
Palmerston North

Medical Officer of Health
Phone: (06) 350 9110
Communicable Disease Co-ordinator
Phone: (06) 350 9110


Public Health Nurses

Phone (04) 570 9002

Medical Officers of Health

Phone (04) 570 9002

Asylum Seeker Health Screening - Regional Public Health Service

Phone (04) 570 9002

Newtown Union Health Service (includes screening services)

Phone (04) 380 2020

Porirua Union Health

Phone (04) 237 4207


Nelson Marlborough District Health Board

Public Health Nurse
Phone (03) 549 9820

Nelson Bay PHO Health Promotion Coordinator

Phone (03) 539 1170


Community Public Health

Medical Officer of Health
Phone (03) 379 9480

Asylum Seeker Health Screening - Community Public Health

Phone (03) 363 1307 or 03 378 6760

Communicable Diseases Nurse - Community and Public Health

Phone (03) 364 1777 and ask to speak to the Communicable Diseases Nurse

Union and Community Health Centre

Phone (03) 381 3522
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